June 15, 2016




reading: (still) our trail blog book that i gave mike for Christmas a couple of years ago 

playing: with water balloons // at the pool whenever possible 

watching: at the moment, nothing (no time...every extra waking moment is spent at the white house) 

trying: to really squeeze every drop out of this first summer as a family of 5 

cooking: (Trader Joe's) brown rice + sausage + roasted peppers + broccoli bowls // easy & delicious! 

eating: tortilla chips with homemade guac 

drinking: at this very minute: a T R E N T A (yes, you read that right) black iced coffee from Starbucks // water with lemon oil + apple cider vinegar 


calling: Honey

texting: Mikey & Mere 

pinning: (still // always) things for the white house 

planning: our annual girls trip & a 7 year anni trip (!!) 


crafting: still working on those recycled candles (coming to our etsy shop when we re-open -- stay tuned!) 

doing: nothing with my hair this summer ... wild, unruly mane all summah 

going: to get tattoo no. 3 

loving: a sweet visit from 2 of Wayne's daughters last weekend at the white house 

hating: that I can't eat Trader Joe's broccoli & kale salad because it makes Ezra miserable 

discovering: things to keep the boys entertained this summer (water balloons, buckets of water on the porch, painting on butcher paper...) *What are you doing to keep your kids entertained?! 

enjoying: working on the journals I just got for each of the boys 

hoping: to start running next week // need to start training for our 2nd Tuna 200 (!) 

celebrating: father's day on sunday & Car Car's birthday next thursday 


smelling: ReWined | Cabernet (always burning a candle 'round here)

thanking: Mikey for planning a date night this week

considering: lots of things for a business I want to start late summer / early fall 

finishing: a bottle of this face wash

starting: to paint at the white house (all the hallelujahs!!!) 


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  1. woohoo for girls' weekend! thank you for all you've done to plan so far!