June 22, 2016

month three | ezra

month three


Three whole months! We've loved every stinkin' day with you baby Ez. Now that you aren't colicky you're pretty chill. You give us the best smiles & have even laughed for us a couple of times! Thank you for giving daddy-o your very first real laugh...it made his heart super happy. 

I really love seeing glimpses of your personality at this age. You're so strong and super vocal. I'm betting you'll be on the move quicker than either of your brothers (if for no other reason than to keep up with them). And, you like to talk. Watching you make noises is quite funny...it honestly looks like you're trying to have a conversation! I'm in for it if you talk half as much as your brothers. 

You love the bouncy seat & have started grabbing the rings on the big dinosaur and putting them in your mouth. You love to suck your left thumb (dang it) - but mama's fighting the good fight on this one ... and i will win. 

You've spent lots of time at the lake already this summer. You're so easy. You'll sleep on the dock, in a chair, on the swing...it doesn't matter to you. I really think you just like being where the people are (that's so your daddy). You've also spent the night at OD & Cathy's house! 

Ezra, I love you little guy! I love who you are and what you bring to our family. Keep growing big & strong! 

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