February 3, 2011

the GoodOnYa bar

Over the past couple of weeks we've gotten a couple more sponsors on board for our trip. I will post about each sponsor individually - to give you a taste of the companies that we will be toting across 14 states.

First up:

A brief background about the GoodOnYa bar company. Kris Fillat played hockey for the US National Team for 11 years. When he retired, he opened up the GoodOnYa deli out in California and eventually created the GoodOnYa bar. The rest is history!

This bar is every nutritionists [me] / dietitians [soon-to-be Kayla] dream in a bar. "It is a protein bar, a fiber bar, a snack bar, an energy bar, a nutrition bar. It's food!" [Kris Fillat, Founder of the GoodOnYa bar]. Mike and I are so excited to have some healthy and tasty food to take with us on the trail. We know that we'll be eating lots and lots of food that is easily packable and requires little to no preparation [ie: noodles, rice, oatmeal, bars...]. Knowing this in adavnce, I can't describe how pumped I am to have a tasty bar like this that is totally organic and flavorful to eat along the way! [Mike could eat the same food every day for weeks...tasty or not. Me on the other hand, I want a culinary experience every time I sit down to eat -- I think the food part of the trip is going to absolutely be one of, if not THE hardest thing for me on this trip.] 

Back to the bars! They come in 3 delicious flavors: Breakfast bar, Peanut Butter Honey, and Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate. YUMMMY! AANNNDDDD these guys are so awesome that they are making us a fresh batch just for our trip! How amazing! We are so appreciative! Thank you GoodOnYa bar!

[pictures will come when we have the bars & when we're on the trail devouring eating them!]

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