February 28, 2011

Mike's Surprise 24th Birthday Dinner

For Mike's birthday this year I decided that I wanted to surprise him with a(nother) dinner at Wild Wings. [An old time favorite from Clemson] *I did this for him freshman year of college & remembered how much he loved it. And, since we're leaving 3 days after his real birthday for our trip I decided to do it a little early -- I figured this way he'd for sure have no idea.

Let me back up & say that two days after I facebooked / texted everyone about this shindig, he casually mentioned to me that he'd like to see all of his friends for dinner at Wild Wings before we leave. Whomp whomp! Good thing I love a challenge [of pulling this off in this case]. So, I devised a plan with our Bible study folks for everyone but BD & Megan to "cancel" due to whatever. I told Mike [it's not lying if it's for a surprise birthday party, btw (: ] that Megan suggested a double date & we could just decide where we were going when we got to their house. Of course Mike was suggesting Wild Wings "even though it may not be a fun date for the girls...it's 2-for-1." I assured him that we'd love to get wings. Meanwhile, sweet Kayla was at Wild Wings "vulturing" for tables in the upstairs section for us! [Thanks Kayla for grabbing tables for us (: ] Well, when we arrived at Wild Wings, they were slammed [typical for their 2-for-1 night] but, I'd secretly been texting Haley & she'd gone down to the hostess & told her to seat "Martin party of 4" upstairs. When we walked in I quickly stepped up to the hostess station & put in our name -- which led to questioning looks and secret head nods. Mike, being oblivious at this point commented to Bryan about how awesome it was that we were getting to be seated in front of the huge line of people who were waiting.

After we finally made it upstairs, Mike slowly started noticing people that he knew...first Wodie, then Mel & Carson. He said he was trying to reason why those three would be there together! After seeing a table full of our friends he said that he still wasn't sure what was going on! YIPPEE!! We did it! Mike especially had a blast & we both loved seeing everyone one one last time before our big trip!

Megan, BD, Ben, Kayla & Mike

mike & mc
the Birthday Boy & Me (:

bible study
Our sweet Bible study group

Carson & his wings

the WHOLE gang! (: Thanks everyone for making Mike's birthday special!

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