February 24, 2011

t-minus 16 days


Dear goodness! Sixteen days! I have so much to post about, but too little time! -- Don't worry, I will get a post in about our trip to Charleston to visit Mere & DP last weekend and one for Mike's surprise birthday dinner at Wild Wings last night!

I cannot believe we only have 16 days until we're on the trail! Stuff is slowly coming together...we've still got a little bit of stuff to get, loose ends to tie off, & work to get done, but we're movin' that way! We have been blessed beyond belief with work to do for Mike [and me] in this interim phase between Mike's job and the trail. We've gotten to paint my uncle's doctors office, stain a couple decks [Mike did this mostly], yard work [again, this was all Mike], de-wallpaper and repaint a friends mom's house, and other misc. work. Needless to say, we've been super busy! But, we are also super thankful! This work has very much been an enabling factor for our trip. So thanks to all who've helped us by giving us work.

I'm about to order Mike's boots - really the last big thing to get. They're going to be his birthday present from me and few family members since they're kind of expensive! And, I'm working on getting the addresses for our mail drops. Please let me know if you're interested in having this list (: We'd love random / surprise treats along the way, but we need to know where you'll be sending them!

We'll be laying out our gear and posting pictures of all that good stuff soon. I know you're just thrilled! Haha

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