March 29, 2016

celebrate | birthday love | Mikey's 29th

celebration [from March 4] of Mikey's 29th birthday






Scenes from Mikey's b-day dinner (celebrated a week early) at Mimi & Papa's house. 

We celebrated Mikey's 29th birthday early with a dinner at Mimi & Papa's house of chicken and waffles (birthday boy's request), homemade mac & cheese, broccoli & kale salad and Mimi's homemade poundcake! Mikey was super excited about having both of his sisters in town for his b-day this year (missed you DP!) -- it's been a long time since that's happened! 

I always love a good birthday celebration...even more so when it's for my special people. Mikey, enjoy your last year in your 20's! All my love, always -- your mc mc -- xoxo. 

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