March 4, 2016

[required friday listening]

in honor of mikey's upcoming |29th| birthday

mikey, you are home to me. i love getting older with you--day after day, year after year. punk, you're good for me in ways that i can't explain and don't even know. our lives are full. 

PS--when we're old, wrinkly and gray haired i hope we can sit hand in hand (on a tropical beach somewhere) and know that getting old wasn't so bad after all. it's a good life we've had Mikey and good (if not the best) days are still ahead! 


looking forward to celebrating my boy starting tonight & stretching it out 'til his actual birthday (next week)! i actually let him open his main birthday gift last week before our charleston weekend - but the boys & i have a few surprises up our sleeves yet (: 

all my love, always, birthday boy. 

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  1. Y'all are stupid cute. I'm so thankful for both of you! Thanks for loving my brother, mc-y. :)