March 31, 2016

livin' in a boys world

It's their world. I just live in it (: (and I'm totally OK with that).










Their world is loud. It's dirty and dirt-filled. It's stinky (yes, even at almost 3.5 & 1.5 (and most certainly at 29)). We climb on things and jump off of them - sometimes head first. We climb trees, wood piles and dirt mounds and then slide down them. We throw rocks and sticks into any size puddle we can find. We burp-burp & toot toot and laugh about it (sorry future girlfriends & daughters-in-law). We travel in a pack of 2, now 3. We follow daddy around like little shadows and need his rough housing & time spent daily. We're full of energy and go non-stop almost 100% of the time. This mama wouldn't have it any other way.

I'll be's crazy around here most days. We know that we're #raisingfuturemen and that our time with them is limited - so we're trying our darnedest to train them up now (Prov. 22:6). It's exhausting, but we get tiny glimpses every day of our efforts paying off. We're working on manners (does "excuse me" after a burp-burp or toot toot count?), being polite and kind & helping one another (instead of hurting each other). We want a balance of these things with being wild and free. We want them to explore and to figure things out on their own, to get dirty every chance they get and to see the world as one big play ground & adventure (c'mon, mama's part gypsy (: ).

More than anything we want these boys to know Jesus. It's tough work shaping and molding little hearts, but so worth it. Our hope is that these boys (& all future Martin kiddos) would be world changers for His kingdom - that they would have willing and obedient hearts and that we would be okay with however and whatever that looks like for each of them. Amos, Solomon & Ezra (#martinbandofbrothers) you all are a joy and a delight to raise. I love that I get to be the one blowing bubbles with you and making puddles on the front porch at 10AM. That I get to be the one to kiss boo-boos and change your dirty diapers ( Seriously, though. It makes my heart happy to snuggle in between you with Ezra in arms on the couch in the morning for cartoons. It is a joy to watch you wait for daddy, then to see you cling to him like you do in the evenings and on the weekends - wanting to be just like him. Yes little ones, I want you to be just like him too. Thank you boys for reminding me daily that it's better than OK to be dirty and to find wonder in the small things. For constantly pointing me to Jesus for grace (and patience, mercy, love, sanity, etc.) and the reminder that I too am in need. I am thankful to be your mama! All my love, always! 


  1. The sweetest. I love watching you be a mama, Megan. Happy, happy! ❤️

  2. Always love reading your blog posts !