March 25, 2016

celebrate | showering BM3

Showering BM3
[from] March 6, 2016






Haley, Amber, Tammy & Ashton threw BM3 a shower BEFORE he was born...these girls are always so sweet to take care of us whenever we have a Martin baby on board. It's been such a sweet season of life to be having babies with my sister & cousins (who were like 2 extra sisters growing up). 

The spread was delicious & I love that they decorated with Easter eggs & Easter treats with his due date being so close to Easter! BM3 was set up with lots of diapers, wipes & outfits! I'm so thankful for everyone's generosity in loving on us as we've welcomed Ezra. Diapers, wipes, clothes, outfits, texts, calls, prayers - nothing has gone unnoticed! 

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