March 9, 2016

a [birthday] letter to my mikey

mikey running

Happiest [29th] birthday to you, my biggest boy! I sure do love you & love doing this life with you. You, my Mikey, are home to me. We've had a cra-zy year of moving, traveling, are soon to be adding another arrow to our quiver and are in the process of renovating a 100 year old house...know that there ain't nobody else I'd rather be doing this with. I've loved watching you be quite the adventurer over the past year...from relay races to a crazy 50k for this years amaze me mister. I've also loved watching your eyes light up when you talk about the white house and our growing family. Mikey, you love us well. It makes my heart so happy to hear you wrestling the boys before bed, to know you've snuck out of bed an hour early in the mornings for time in the Word or to chisel away at work that needs to be done across the street, for you to be able to come home for lunch on almost any given work day (again), to watch the boys watching out the window for you at the end of the day, to sneak away for long weekends with you when we can (just the two of us), to plan and dream about the future (near and far) with you. I hope that you've felt special as we've celebrated your birthday slowly over the past week and that you wake up feeling extra special tomorrow (like "king of the world" status). My hope for this year is the same as last year -- that you are challenged and stretched, that you grow, that you are content and happy, that you are blessed beyond measure and that you know how treasured you are (and not just by us, but especially by us).

Moose, Solly (& BM3) & I can't wait to celebrate you all day!

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