October 2, 2016



reading: People // Garden & Gun // Real Simple (thanks to Cathy)

playing: different Pandora stations depending on what I'm doing  

watching: thinking of starting Poldark 

trying: to get things put away at the white house 

cooking: nothing 

eating: smoothies made by OD 

drinking: coffee


calling: no one 

texting: kayla jean & mere  

pinning: things for the white house // crock pot recipes // fall travel ideas 

planning: (still) our 7 year anni trip!! whoooohoooooo! 


crafting:  Rust & Stardust necklaces & earrings...we just finished our largest order ever & are working on the 2nd! 

doing: laundry

going: to take the boys to Clemson's homecoming! (they usually go with Dad, Ria & Marcos) 

loving: running again 

hating: that we aren't (living) in the white house yet. do not even get me started 

discovering: that hard is not the same as bad 

enjoying: evenings with Mikey again 

hoping: for rain this week 

celebrating: our lucky number 7! (10.03.09) 


smelling: crisp fall air - love having the doors open on Paris Mt. 

thanking: Haley & Honey for keeping the boys so I can train for the Tuna 200 

considering: what a blessing being married to my Mikey for the past 7 years has been & is 

finishing: editing pics for Haley from early this summer (oops) 

starting: to shop for Christmas 


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  1. i am starting to christmas shop, as well! let's share some ideas :)