October 3, 2016

month six | ezra

month six 
|happy half birthday|

Ezra!! Happiest HALF birthday!! (Holy cow!) This picture sums you up, almost to a T. It's just missing that ginormous smile that covers your face most of the day. You're my thumb sucker & monkey toe grabber. You're very good at putting things in your feet to free up your hands. 

You fit right in with your two big brothers who never stop talking by jabbering along with them. And, I think you may be louder than either of them if that's possible (#helpme). I know I say this every month, but boy do you love them. We recently discovered that if we stand in front of the fridge where I have pictures of each of you that you smile and look back and forth between the ones of Amos + mama & Solly + mama. It makes my heart want to explode every single time. I hope that you always love them like you do now. My prayer is that the #martinbandofbrothers is inseparable & that you know what a treasure you have in having two big brothers as best friends. 

You're still sleeping pretty darn well, with the exception of a few nights. And, you LOVE baby food. My hope was to exclusively breast feed you for 6 months, but around 5.5 months you just seemed ready for food, so we gave it a try. Your very favorites are applesauce and cinnamon pear oats, but you eat just about anything I give you (minus sweet potatoes...you gagged). You're also mastering puffs & love to chew on the fat pretzel sticks (we're careful with these because they'll get soggy and break off). You're going to follow in Solomon's footsteps and be an excellent eater of table food as soon as you can, I'm sure.

Daddy-O & I think you're going to be a bruiser. We call you "bulldog" because everyone now & again you just look like a bulldog. Your arms & neck seem super muscular & you just look like you're ready to beat somebody up (is that crazy?). You're definitely built differently than either of your brothers & I can't wait to see how this shakes out when you guys are teenagers. 

Thank you for being such an easy baby. You smile when you wake up and rarely fuss. You're so chill and just go with the flow. You're such a blessing to our rowdy crew & we love you so very much! 



  1. Ez: We love having you around. You are the quiet one who lies on the sofa and lets life slowly pass by. What a joy you are! OD

  2. By the way, the picture of you crying is not representative of your joyful spirit.

  3. ezzy! you are growing so big!

    it's so funny to hear you call him bulldog, because i have had that very same thought, that he is built differently that a & s! he already just seems so sturdy.

    it's going to be so fun to watch these boys grown into men.