October 27, 2016

month seven | ezra






Ez!! Seven months! Dude, you are such a delight. You smile and growl and jabber to us all day long. You really only fuss if you're tired or if your mouth is bothering you. You've acquired your bottom two front teeth over the past month and I'm betting the next couple aren't too far behind. You've also waved a couple of times and have mimicked Amos coughing. You light up when Amos & Solomon come into the room and turn your head whatever way you need to to find them. I love watching you watch them and know that you're going to be in the middle of their craziness really soon. I also love watching you growl at them for attention. You're so, so, so loud! Seriously, all I can do is laugh sometimes. 

You spent 2 nights with Honey last month while Mama & Daddy ran the Tuna 200 in NC. You still suck that thumb, use your feet as an extra set of hands and chow down on baby food (you're still nursing too). You also like to grab any table food thats within reach and go at it. You weighed 16# 13oz at your 6 month check (it was actually around 6.5 months so I'm counting it towards 7 months (: ) and were 27.25" long. You're learning to use a sippy cup & have gotten pretty good at it! And, your sweet tongue is still too big for your mouth. 

 I keep trying to get you to say, "mama," but you just look at me and smile that sweet smile. You're super friendly & chill. The ladies at church love snuggling you & a handful of cashiers have even asked to hold you. 

Ez, buddy, I love being your mama. I love snuggling you & getting the biggest smiles from you. You make my heart so happy! Keep growing big and strong - we've got lots of adventures this fall! (: 

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