October 14, 2016

pumpkin painting








Earlier this week Moose, Sollah-Roo & Sadie girl painted pumpkins in the name of all that is fall and October. Never mind that it's still in the high 80's here in SC and we're soaking in every fall day that's just an extension of summer. #ihatethecold

I wish..no, no I don't. I was going to say that I wish I had a fun story about taking the boys to a pumpkin patch to let them pick out their very own pumpkins. But, around here, if you go to the pumpkin patch, they're just really over priced. And, it's still 85+ degrees outside, which means that a certain child of mine would have whined the entire time about being hot and having to walk on his own perfectly good two feet. And, after apple picking last week I decided that a store bought pumpkin would be just fine. So, instead, we went to Trader Joe's and picked out $1 tiger pumpkins. They're naturally beautiful little pumpkins and the boys & Sadie think that their paint jobs made them even more beautiful. I agree. 

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