January 4, 2011

Christmas Traditions

With as big as our families are it's kind of hard to have traditions of our own. But, we're trying. Mike & I have made a point to spend Christmas morning with just the two of us. We sleep in, eat breakfast, and exchange gifts. It may not be exciting, but we want to remember that Christmas isn't about us or the stuff we give or get.

This year we got First Ascent Frontpoint Jackets for each other for our upcoming trip. Since that was our "big" gift - and way over budget, we decided to do stocking stuffers for the rest of our gifts. This meant we had to be creative & stick to a tiny budget! And, we loved every stinkin' minute of it. Christmas isn't about the gifts under the tree ... it's about celebratin' Jesus' birthday!
 Mine & Mike's jackets with our stocking stuffers!

(I got liner socks & a Mt. Hardwear beanie for the trip, the newest Sister Hazel CD & a "mouse on main"; Mike got Sour Patch Kids, pocket soap for the trip, the newest Punch Brothers CD & the new Mark Twain Autobiography - which is pretty sweet!)

Mike sportin' his new gear!

our traditional sleepy eyed - bushy haired Christmas morning picture

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