January 19, 2011

Painting, Working, Hiking! Oh, my!

Currently, my life is dominated by paint. Some Most evenings after work [either working all day, or part of the day] I stay at the office to help Mike paint. We actually have a great system. He cuts, I roll. While he cuts, I do the trim on the doors [which is painstakingly slow...and I still have 19 to do, just in the hallway!] We are getting it done though. We're almost finished with "phase 1" -- 9 patient rooms / bathrooms. The next phase is the long hallway that wraps the building [hopefully to be completed this weekend], and the last phase is the patient waiting room. Our goal was to be finished by Jan. 31 - which would mean painting for a little less than a month...but it looks like we're going to be pushed back a week because of the upcoming camping / hiking trip!

I have no before & after shots because we are painting the walls the same color as they were before...just in a satin finish instead of a flat finish. You can tell a difference when looking at it, but it's not worth documenting.

Our upcoming "mini-trip" - the countdown is on! Mike and his Papa leave next Tuesday! They'll be hiking / camping for four days until the rest of us [the girls] can get off school / work to join! I am super pumped! Since we'll be camping for the weekend at the Amicalola Falls State Park, I'm going to get a chance to [attempt] a 16 mile hike in a day. I haven't decided if I'm going to stuff my pack full to try to simulate what it will really be like or if I'm just going to go at it - to get a feel for 16 miles [the latter will probably win because I'm sure I'll be toting my camera & documenting!] I'll keep you posted!

As a side note, I've been able to start working out at the new GHS Family YMCA [the old Livninside out] - it's been wonderful! To have a full gym of equipment again! And classes! And the movie room! Ahhhh...I am in heaven (:

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