January 4, 2011

and so this is Christmas

After we spent the morning together, we headed over to Mimi & Papa's house for Christmas 2nd breakfast / brunch & gifts with the grandmothers.

Grandmother, Papa, AJ & Mike all bustling around the kitchen!

After spending a good portion of the morning / early afternoon at the Martin household, we loaded up & headed to the McCraws. We don't have a set time to do gifts with my immediate family because we have so much going on & now we have two other families to include in all of our doings --- so we just throw it in when we can!

Kendall & Haley

Carson & my Mikey .. who do you think was more excited about opening gifts?

Brother - Sister Love

just ignore the off centeredness of this picture.
this is my family.
and like the picture...we're a litte off center.

After an afternoon of festivities in the McCraw household, we tromped over to Mema & Pepa's house to celebrate with my mom's side of the family. A little more chaos, a lot more food, tons more family & SNOW! 

Hannah Ryn & Suzie

Camden putting on a show for us! DIVA!

Me, Ashton, Haley & Amber

Me & Bryson
his first Christmas!


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