January 6, 2011

a white Chistmas & 24th birthday for me!

after all of the family Christmas festivities Mike & I headed home...

 mmmmm I sure do love the snow!

what a punk!

There was also a HUGE pile of snow at the bottom of the door & even some inside from his attempts to hit me while I was trying to snap a picture of him!

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!!!  
Mike got me a pack for our upcoming trip for my birthday!
He was stuffing it with all of our clean laundry to show me how it would feel completely loaded.

our 2nd "ha-partment" covered in snow!
this was the view on the way out of town for my birthday trip to Pretty Place!

Gorgeousness on the way to Pretty Place...a true Winter Wonderland! (:
All for me on my birthday!

Mike took me up here for the first birthday that we spent together (I turned 18) - this was the 7th birthday that we've been together. Man, I'm gettin' old!

Mike (and his "solar-shields") and me

Mike & me in the shadow of the cross

"In the shadow of Your cross, I will live for all my days
How could I forget the price You paid
In the shelter of Your love I will give You all my praise
In the shadow of Your cross I will stay..." [joel engle]

Snow angels in the soccer field - only I was dumb enough to plop down in the deep snow! It got all in my clothes - up my shirt, down my pants, in my socks..everywhere! But hey, I made a real snow angel on my real birthday!

We celebrated my birthday with dinner at Honey's house (meatloaf = my favorite! yumm)  - including both side of our families. It's always a treat to have everyone together - especially when we're celebrating my a birthday!

Happy birthday to me!! (: Can ya tell how much I LOVE my birthday!?

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  1. You're welcome for the birthday snow ;) And I request a picture of your birthday boots, too!