January 11, 2011


Our first snow day of the year brought about much playing (red-neck style of course), hot chocolate, great friends, and lots of frozen fingers & toes! 

my feet prints in the snow

i love this lantern. it provided one of my favorite pictures of the day when it was raining one day 

my car has never seen this much snow!

our home (: [with the Martins]

the Martin's house! so pretty! 

the view down the street

BD's mom sledding with us! 

Megan, Kayla & Me 
sweet, sweet friends! 

my parents house

Carson - my sweet little brother 

Mike & Sully dog

me jumpin' off the ramp in the back yard being pulled by the 4-wheeler

mikey waiting for his turn 
[i think this is super cute...he looks like a little kid]

Happy to be celebrating a *Snow Day* 

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