January 27, 2011

comin' right along...

Update from the trail [from Mike & his papa]: Tuesday - after a huge breakfast at the Coach House, the boys headed out. They arrived about 4 hours later at Neels Gap - the starting point of their 4 day mini-trip. I got word that it rained on them all day.  Hey, at least Mike got to test out our rain gear...he said it works wonderfully! Being wet, the boys hiked for about 5 miles and bedded down in a shelter for the night. They woke up to two inches of snow on Wednesday and a 12 mile hike. [So not only were they wet...they were cold!] I haven't spoken with Mike today, but I'm hoping they got in a full day of dry hiking! 

Meanwhile, back on the homestead - I'm gettin' ready for the camping / hiking extravaganza this weekend:

My stuff that's gotta all fit in my pack
Clothes for 2 days, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries [which consists of only the bare necessities]

my pack ready to swallow up all my stuff

All stuffed. Yes, I'm sure you notice that my sleeping bag is packed horizontally across the pack about 3/4 of the way up. Oh well, I had a really hard time stuffing my clothes in the bag with everything else. [I'm trying to figure out what the perfect clothes for this chilly / warm January weather is, so I've packed a few extra things to figure out what is good & what I'll like in March]. Practice will make perfect! 

On another note:
We have our very first sponsor for our trip! Thanks to the Appalachian Trail Blog we realized that we could ask companies to sponsor us [aka provide free product for us on the trail!] 

Minute Rice gets the award for being our VERY FIRST sponsor! 
They were kind enough to send us two whole cases of rice for the trail...

YUM! We can't wait to get on the trail and eat all of this yummy rice! (: A HUGE thanks to Minute Rice!

PS--If you or someone you know has a product (food or gear) that you would be willing to donate to our trip - let me know!! (: 

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