March 16, 2011

19 miles

Lights on @ Neels Gap was 7am. This was our earliest start yet...and it was 30 deg & wet. however, by noon it'd turned into a pretty nice day. We caught up to a couple of our hiking buddies - Zip Code, a postal worker from Durham, NC & Robert, who is from Anderson, SC. We actually hiked on & off with them all day. We got our 2nd dose of trail magic when we came to the road crossing @ Hogpen Gap. A sweet local man named Bruce had set up a tailgate for hikers. His spread included fresh fruit, cookies, candy, drinks, ice & lawn chairs. We capitalized on a banana & Pepsi before getting back at it on the trail. We finished up the day at around 19 miles & are laying in Tentville licking our wounds...hoping to sleep it off & pound out another 18 miler tomorrow!

Our dinner of brown minute rice mixed with Ramen & beef jerky (a close 2nd to home cooked spaghetti) is putting us to bed with warm full tummies.


  1. Mikes highlights:
    1. A warm shower @ the hostel
    2. The man 1 bunk over cutting a terrific dart after lights out...I responded, true to Collins Prescott form, with a heartfelt "God bless you." Stickers ensued around the room & Mc & I tried to keep from shaking our bunk with stifled laughter. I found out this AM that the guy is an ex-Special-Ops ... so I'm hoping he didn't know it was me!
    3. The same guy waking up in he middle of the night to march across the room & tell he old man (who was snoring out of his mind) to turn onto his side, then walking back to his bunk with a "Jesus! He IS on his side!"
    4. Breaking our daily mileage record. We may beat 19 later, but it wont be as tough as a GA 19!

  2. Oops...just noticed some typos.

    Dart = fart. He definitely did not cut a terrific dart.
    Stickers = snickers (not the candy bar though)
    Stifled = muffled

    Please forgive me. I'm laying on my stomach typing on this dang phone screen!

  3. Check out Miriam's Madness. For the next few weeks maybe you'll have a little encouragement for tentville each evening.

  4. We are so proud of you guys! And so jealous of this opportunity to experience God in such a unique way. Cindy and I have been amazed at His provisions already. What a GOD sized idea to use the Trail for His Glory by planting parts of the Body of Christ along the way- encouragers, listeners, servants, compassionate souls and all surrendered in their hearts to the Lordship of the Saviour. Who woulda thunk it? Apparently a GOD SIZED GOD!!!
    Keep hoofing it you guys, you have to be encouraged to know that HE is in it to win it with you!
    Andy, Cindy, Cayden, and soon to be Carys!