March 12, 2011



One last trip around town for errands.

One last shower.

One last time being dressed up [for a wedding].

One last good, warm dinner.

One last round of visits with our family.

One last night in our cozy, snuggly bed.

For tomorrow we leave. We’re having one last breakfast with most of our family tomorrow, then we’re headin’ out for Springer Mt., GA. We’re hoping to hit the ground running after … one last lunch with Mike’s parents. (:

Everyone is asking if we’re ready. We’re as ready as we’re gonna be! We cannot wait to get on the get some miles under us, a few nights in the shelters, and days without showers. We can’t wait for oatmeal, rice, and bars. [We have way more food as you’ve seen…our family and sponsors have really taken care of us!] We can’t wait for the people we’re going to meet, the stories and experiences we’re going to have, and being away from everything. Here’s to the simple life.

Please keep us in your prayers as the days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. We’ll update on here and facebook as much as we can. We aren’t sure about how much service we’ll have up in the mountains but we know we’ll be able to update every time we come to a town [and probably at road crossings]…so stay tuned! AND…remember, we have the list of stops a few posts back, and since I know you’re just dying to send us stuff—print it off and keep it on your fridge—and send us lots of stuff!

Much thanks & love to our friends and families. Y’all have all been so supportive and we are forever grateful! (:

de caboose & the conductor

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  1. Grr. Let me try to recreate the comment I just wrote before the system logged me out. Just wanted to say hey & that we're glad y'all made it to Hawk Mt. safely (mom fwd'd your text). We were hoping, as the temp dropped last night, that y'all weren't regretting your decision :) Ha--I'm regretting my decision not to go w/ y'all as I sit here paying bills this a.m.! I'm going to set my watch & pray for y'all daily...just like you did for DP when he was deployed. We love y'all. Great seeing you this past weekend. Hang tough.

  2. OD & Cat said . . .You were continually on our minds last night and today. We expect the roughest days to be the first,marching through Georgia, getting used to packs, meals, and some routine. Our thoughts are constantly with you!