March 18, 2011

Day 5 on the trail started around 8:30 for us. We got passed this AM while breaking down camp by Zip Code, Rooster (formerly Robert) & Tree Frog. We ended up catching Tree Frog (only because he stopped for water...this man flies!) & had "lunch" with him, then trailed him for the rest of the day. After lunch, we ran out of water. Let's just say, 8 miles in the 75 deg heat will NEVER happen again. We both thought we were dying....and yes, we know its dangerous..but there was literally no water for mmmiiiilllleeesss. Anyway, after we made it to water we realized we only had 6.2 miles to make it to the end of our hike so we decided to huff it out & make it to Dicks Creek Gap (which is roughly 18 1/2 miles from our spot last night). At the point when we ran out of water dreams of dinner @ McDonald's kept me goin. This girl is a goal setter & with a McDonald's dinner on the line I was makin it! We'd also heard rumors of The Blueberry Patch - a Christian run hostel where Gary & Lennie pick you up, wash your clothes, let you take a warm shower & feed you breakfast. Hopes of that kept me going too. Trust me, 19 miles is a butt-kicker! Especially since I have tumors...I mean blisters the size of extra toes on my toes. Oh well, such is the life of a hiker.

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