March 2, 2011

so little time

our bedroom needs to be cleaned. and organized. we have stuff everywhere. the clothes are in the dryer. a menu for our special "thank you" dinner for Mike's 'rents needs to be completed. documents that hold all of the important info for mine & Mike's lives need to be neatly stashed away in our organized binders. our drop box goodies actually need to be put in boxes. dinner should probably be started soon. tidying up before our last Bible study with this sweet group. all things that i need to be doing...right.this.minute.

instead i'm sitting on the back porch watching Mikey paint stain the shed in the backyard. he just told me to "come over & watch so that when the makeshift ladder gives way you can see me fall and the gallon of stain go everywhere." i promptly replied that he'd be stained for good ... like the reddleman in my favorite book. i've enjoyed these random moments of hanging out - there have been way more than ever in our married lives over the past two months & i hope that i can always remember them because i'm sure as soon as we get back from the trail life will pick back up & we'll be as busy as ever. [we do have a little insight for life after the trail, but that's another story for another day]

going back in time to this past weekend - Mike, Papa, Mimi & I went for a motorcycle ride! we haven't done this in a long, long time [mainly because of the cold] so it was nice to enjoy one last ride before our adventure begins next week!

mike, mimi & papa
the gang gettin' into picture position

the whole gang
the whole gang & the motorcycles [it was very important that they make it into the picture!]

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