March 10, 2011

food for the trail

This is our stack for the mail drops. Things that our parents and grandparents will be sending to us throughout the trip. Almost everything here was donated [thanks again to all of our sponsors..and Honey!]. Here is a list of what we'll need if you have it in your heart to send us goodies while we're on the trail!

peanut butter [preferably crunchy]
MSR fuel canisters
dried fruit
candy bars. lots of them.
fruit [if it'll last in a apples & oranges]
gummy candy
beef jerky
instant coffee
power bars - cliff bars - larabars - trail mix bars
really, anything that can last about a week in a box (:

Thank you & bless you in advance!

Mail Drops

After dividing up the mail drops, we separated out what's going to be in each of our packs food wise:mike's food

my food

It's a lot of food, but our goal is to make it 8 days right off the bat before stopping. We will probably hit Neel's Gap for a cold soft drink & special snack [maybe a hot dog if they have 'em .. or just something other than what's in our pack] -- then push on towards our first goal!

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  1. Can't believe you are leaving so soon! We can't wait to have you in NY! Be careful and have SO much excited to hear all about it!