March 14, 2011

Maine, no turning back.

Yesterday Mimi & Papa dropped us off about a mile up the mail from Springer Mountain around 2:15. We backtracked the 0.09miles to "hit go" then hit the trail running ... well, walkin. We made it (a rough 7.8) miles to the Hawk Mt. Shelter around 6:30PM, set up camp & made dinner all before dark. After supper, Mike hung our food bags so the bears couldn't reach them & then hung out around the fire with some other hikers.

Today we woke up around 8:30 & had breakfast ... which left us leaving around 10 (a little late, we know...but we got a great night of sleep!) Tentville was extremely full last 25-30 people full, but when we woke up there were only about 5 of us left! We spent the day overtaking everyone who left before us this AM. It was neat getting to chat with the different people as we passed. Our favorite was a guy who sat around the camp fire with us last night. His name is Cody & he is an ex-pro Volcom skater who just finished serving in the Coast Guard. His 60 lb pack is an army issue OD green duffel bag that he's modified by sewing on backpacking straps & a hip belt. Needless to say he was moving a but slower than we were with our 30(ish) lb packs. We thought ours were heavy but we've realized we have little room to complain. We also met a guy who is walking barefoot and got to talk to a girl who thru-hiked in '07 with her husband. After hiking all say in sunny, 65 deg. weather, we're afraid we're getting spoiled...but who knows? Theres an 85% chance of hard rain tonight. Sleeping & starting the day wet may bring us down to earth. That's all for now (: (Mike is winding the phone charger & his arms are getting tired.)


  1. Mikes favorites:
    1. Moms last minute advice ("Stop walking through those mud puddles, you'll get your feet wet." Or, "don't take your wallet out when a stranger can see.") I told you I'd blog about this mom...thanks for lookin out for us.
    2. Being outside. Enough said.
    3. Alieve. Also enough said.
    4. Searching for the ever elusive Jack Porter. No sign of him yet, but we have reason to believe we're heading in the right direction. He's out here! I can feel it.
    5. Ricky's Lucky Nuts...great snack to eat in the pocket & eat on the move.
    6. Winding this charger while Mc types...absolutely NOT!

    Hey to the folks @ home!

  2. I am so excited for you. We are getting absolutely drenched right now in Athens, so I have a feeling you are probably feeling some of that, too. I hope the rain doesn't slow you down too much. Can't wait to hear more! Love you both from all the Tingles!


  3. You are OFF! So excited for you. Can't wait to see you in NY :)