March 11, 2013

Face Jacket

Face Jacket

Mike & Brock met Zach “Face Jacket” (AKA Face) on the trail in Vermont. They quickly became friends and hiked until midway through Maine with him where we had to part ways due to illness. However, after the trail, Mike kept up with Zach. We knew that he’d competed in other “crazy” competitions (the Tough Mudder being one) and that if anyone was up for this challenge, it was him. Seriously, by the time he and Mike hung up the phone he was 100% committed to our team. Face Jacket will be our lead man, running in the number one spot.

Face Jacket’s legs:
1.   5.69
7.   1.69
13.  4.2
19.  3.75
25.  8.91
31.  7.39

Total: 31.63


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