March 8, 2013

Palmetto 200 Part 2


Palmetto 200 team members
(in the order we’ll be running)

The Monkey Tribe
Zach Joiner “Face Jacket”
Megan Martin “Caboose”
Mel Martin “Melbug”
Mike Martin “Upstate”
Ben Renfrow “Benji”
Brock Cooke “Loop”

The Monkey Tribe is the name we went by on the Appalachian Trial and have decided to use again for our newest adventure. Our team is an “ultra mixed” team, meaning that we consist of 4-6 runners, both male and female. Here’s the breakdown of the miles each of us will be running:

Zach: 31.63
Megan: 33.26
Mel: 33.4
Mike: 32.8
Ben: 33.34
Brock: 37.71

Our goal is to complete the 200 miles in 30 hours or less (which is equal to a 9 minute mile or better for 200 miles). Once the clock starts, someone from our team will be running ‘round the clock until we cross the finish line.

Stay tuned for a breakdown of the exact legs each of us will be running and a little background info on all of our team members!

*Also, stay tuned for info about our Sponsors! If you or your company is interested in sponsoring us as we take on the Palmetto 200, please email me at: for more info! [The race benefits juvenile diabetes.] 

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