March 20, 2013



Mel is our little sister. I say “our” because Mel’s been my little sister too for a long time now.  She played D1 soccer at PC for 4 years and was on board pretty immediately when we brought the idea to her! Like I said, Mel & I decided to do Hal Higdon’s training program to train for this race. She’s been way more faithful to complete the required weekly runs than I have (running 2-4x / week in addition to the long run on the weekend). She’ll be running in the 3rd slot.

Melbug’s legs:
3.  9.26
9.  4.54
17. 2.43
21. 5.6
27. 7.47
33. 4.3

Total: 33.4

You’ll notice that Mel has a longer break between her 2nd run (number 9) and third run (number 17). This was done in order to give everyone on the team a more similar total than it would’ve been if we left it.

Me, Brock & Mel after the Reedy River 10K (: 

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