March 7, 2013

one year ago today

Exactly one year ago today our lives were forever changed for the better. Amos Michael Martin, exactly one year ago today your daddy and I found out about you! Being so close to his 25th birthday I thought I could keep the secret and wait to share the news about you with him for a birthday surprise, but I was wrong; I spilled my guts to him as soon as community group was over that night. We celebrated you with excitement and immediately prayed over you and my pregnancy (something we did every single day). We also started dreaming about you! We couldn't wait to lay our eyes on you and to get to know you. I can't describe the joy we felt in finding out we were pregnant with you and I most certainly can't describe the joy we've known in getting to be your parents even in these four short months. Little guy, we love everything about you and are so thankful that the Lord chose us to raise you! 


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