February 20, 2013

month three

amos 3 months

Month three
I know I say this every month, but Amos, how has another month gone by?! You still have the sweetest disposition and are content just about anywhere (except the blasted carseat--dubbed "the cage"). People at church call you "the dream baby."

Over the past month you've really become quite a sleeping champion. You're consistently sleeping 6-8 hours every night! (Jan. 29 you slept  9 hours!) Then you wake up to eat and go back to sleep for another 3-5 hours. On the mornings you wake up late enough for daddy to hold you before he goes to work I usually nurse you once he leaves and hold you on my chest until you're sound asleep again. Sometimes I even fall back asleep with ya for a little  while.  Not much gets done around the house those mornings, but I wouldn't trade a single "lazy" morning for one more chore to be checked off the list. 

Another big thing that you do now is smile for us all.the.time. It makes my heart melt a little every time we say, "Can you smile for daddy (or mama)" and you do it! It's seriously the best thing ever

You're learning a lot too. You love your play mat (thanks Amber!) and have just recently started reaching out and making the toys clink together and can focus enough to grab them mostly with your left hand. 

One of my favorite things that you do now is that you grab my shirt while nursing and play with it or hold on to it. Sometimes you even pull it up to your sweet little face and rub your face with it. 

You're becoming quite the little traveler too! You spent Feb. 7-10 at Litchfield Beach with me and most of the ladies in our community group (plus 2 sweet babies, Ellie & Belle). You were quite the little stud with all the ladies! 

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