February 14, 2013

my one & only

In honor of Valentine's Day--14 things I love about my valentine!

To the boy who stole my heart in high school & is now my baby daddy:

1. You know the way to my heart is through really unhealthy food (insert Boberry biscuits here). While I try to eat like a cave woman most of the time...I'm almost always up for a dessert date.

2. You watch movies in a bathing suit and ski cap.

3. You teach me new things (most recently what a "snouch" is).

4. You like to wash our cars. If it weren't for you, you may never know the true color of my car.

5. Sometimes in the morning you say, "Let's snuggle instead of eating breakfast."

6. You still date me after being together for almost 10 years.

7. On the mornings you have to leave me super early you always wake me up to give me your super sleepy clothes.

8. You sincerely thank me for every.single.meal that I cook - even if it's something I didn't make, but just "fixed."

9. You know all the songs that come on the radio ... on every station. While this can be super annoying, it's fascinating. And, I'm always learning & sometimes even know who the artist is (to which I always tell you when I'm right that you owe me a quarter.)

10. Your reason for working out is so you can eat/ enjoy ridiculous amounts of unhealthy food.

11. You doesn't judge me for staying in my jammies all day. Instead you encourage it!

12. You tell me that I'm more beautiful now than I've ever been, which sure makes this girl feel S P E C I A L.

13. You make plans with me for our future.

14. You're a ggggrrrrreeeeaaatt (said in Tony the Tiger voice) daddy-o!

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