February 27, 2013

The GoodOnYa Bar

The GoodOnYa Bar

One of our sponsors for our upcoming Palmetto 200 race is The GoodOnYa Bar! You may remember them from our Appalachian Trail adventure in 2011. We carried their bars with us from Georgia to Maine and are super pumped to have them on board (again), this time as we run from Columbia, SC to Charleston, SC.

We know that good nutrition will be one of the key factors in determining our success in this race. These bars have around 290 calories per bar and are packed with important nutrients such as protein, fiber and iron. From our adventure on the AT we know that bars are easy to carry and a good bar is crammed full of healthy ingredients to fuel your body. We don’t need or want something that our body is going to have to sort through to pick out the “good” ingredients while also processing the “bad” ingredients. The other amazing thing about The GoodOnY Bar is that they are full of nuts and seeds and not brown rice syrup and processed grains. That means the good fats and totally unprocessed protein gives us lasting energy. We can run way farther and feel better after we eat one.

By way of background, these guys are located in Encinitas, California and make “Organic Energy Bars” that: are non GMO, have no soy or dairy, are 54% - 100% raw, contain no grains, are GF (gluten free), and are a good source of protein, fiber and iron. As of right now these bars are hard to come by in SC, so make sure to ask for them at your nearest Whole Foods or Fresh Market! We’d love to have them in stores around here soon! Until then you can order bars directly from their web site today (http://www.thegoodonyabar.com/store/) We promise you won’t be disappointed!To sweeten the deal they're offering a 10% discount on any purchase when you use the promo code "monkeytribe" at checkout! (: 


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