February 11, 2013

Whole30 Food Diary Week Two

Day eight
Breakfast 8:15 - kits peanut bar 
*going back to bed ... had a weird night of sleep (or lack there of) last night, so while Amos is still asleep I'm going to sleep too. 

9:40 - 1 mug coffee w coconut milk

11:50 - pistachios  

Lunch 12:30 - 2 egg omelet with 1/2 bell pepper & 1/2 avocado cooked in coconut oil, 1/2 banana, 2 slices thick bacon, unsweet tea 

4:50 - large handful mixed pecans & walnuts, lemon water 

6:45 - dried banana chips 

Dinner 7:20 - 1 pork chop seasoned with coconut flakes, cumin, coriander & cinnamon, peas & 1/2 sweet potato with raw butter & cinnamon, unsweet tea

So full after dinner no snack was needed before bed! 

Day nine
Breakfast 8:40 - 1 medium apple, 1 handful pecans, 1 mug coffee w coconut milk  

Lunch 1:00 - 1/2 lb burger w lettuce, mustard, pickles, & guacamole, water 

3:30 - kits peanut bar & unsweet tea

5:00 - 1 mug coffee w coconut milk

5:10 - 1/2 apple, 1 handful pecans, water  

Workout @ 6pm (weighed 129) 

Dinner 8:00 - spaghetti squash with homemade spaghetti sauce with ground turkey, salad with oil & balsamic vinegar dressing, 1 glass unsweet tea

10:05 - 1 mug coffee with coconut milk 

10:50 - 1/2 apple w almond butter, 1 mug coffee w coconut milk 

Day ten
Breakfast 10:00 - 3 slices thick bacon, 2 scrambled eggs (cooked in coconut oil) w pepper, 1 mug coffee w coconut milk 

Lunch 1:20 - salad w grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers & onions w some sort of vinegar dressing, water with lemon 

Workout @ 4pm (lots of water before, during & after workout)

5:50 - apple w almond butter, unsweet tea, 1/4 cup leftover spaghetti squash w sauce 

Dinner 7:15 - green beans, chicken strips, salad with dressing (Italian?), water 

11:50(ish) - handful of walnuts, 1/2 glass unsweet tea

*Definitely feeling good & into the swing of things with this Whole30 for the most part. Still really want diet soda (it was hard to pass it up @ community group tonight!) I have had a couple days lately where I've really craved peanut butter (no surprise with as much as I typically eat) - other than that though I've not really had cravings.  

Mike is ready for "non-rabbit" food 

Day eleven 
Breakfast 8:00 - 2 eggs, 2.5 slices bacon, 2 mugs coffee with coconut milk

11:45 - handful of walnuts

Lunch 1:45 - 1/2 grilled chicken breast with mustard, 1 pear, unsweet tea

3:30 - 2 mugs coffee with coconut milk 

Dinner 8:15 - sweet potatoes rounds with balsamic vinegar & pecans, pork tenderloin, mixed veggies, water 

11:55 - banana with almond butter, unsweet tea

Day twelve
Breakfast 8:15 - kits cashew bar, 1 mug coffee w coconut milk 

12:30 - handful of walnuts 

Lunch 1:10 - leftover spaghetti squash with homemade spaghetti squash & avocado 

4:10 - small apple & unsweet tea 

*i was hungry after this, but saving room for dinner @ Stella's

Dinner 7:00 - (@ Stella's) 1 cup butternut squash, ginger & green apple bisque, pork ribeye, beets, broccoli & potatoes cooked in duck fat, 3 mugs coffee (black), water, 1 "Simpsonville lemonade" (lemonade w vodka) - technically the drink wasn't Whole30 - but the amount of alcohol was insignificant (I decided) 

Mike & I both decided that it was so nice to not feel obligated to get dessert as we always do since it wasn't even an option. We both felt completely satiated with no bread before our meal and no dessert afterwards!

Also, I feel like I'm almost back in the Paleo mindset 100% of the time. (Dessert wasn't on my radar tonight at all...however - I do still want diet soda!) 

10:30 - small apple with almond butter, coffee with coconut milk 

Day thirteen
Breakfast 8:15 - kits peanut bar, 1 mug coffee w coconut milk

11:45 - unsweet tea, 1 handful walnuts 

Lunch 1:00 - hibachi chicken with all veggies (no rice), mustard, water (from Joy of Tokyo)

2:00 - almond butter 

Dinner 7:00 - hamburger patty (no bun) with mustard, side salad with raspberry walnut vinaigrette (maybe 1 tbsp), water 

8(ish) - coffee with coconut creamer 

*we passed up pizza & chocolate  birthday with Bailey's ganache icing for a friends birthday tonight...huge bummer, but I'm proud of us for sticking to it! 17 days to go...almost over the 1/2 way mark! 

10:10 - apple with peanut butter (make from peanuts & salt only), unsweet tea 

Day fourteen 
Breakfast 7:40 - 1 egg (no oil), 3 oz sausage, coffee w coconut milk

11:00 - large handful walnuts, 1/2 cup(ish) Naked protein juice smoothie (no sugar added - there was some soy protein isolate & soy lecithin though...oops) 

Lunch 1:00 - 3 slices thick bacon, homemade guacamole, 1 sweet potato with cinnamon & raw butter, unsweet tea 

3:20 - small apple 

Dinner 6:30 - chick-fil-a grilled chicken (8 nuggets), side of fruit, unsweet tea

9:00 - grapes, 1 mug black coffee 

11:40 - small apple with peanut butter (only peanuts & salt) 

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  1. i am so enjoying these posts. matthew and i are going to try the whole30 in march and are totally stoked. this is so encouraging to me! thank you for posting :) hope you are doing well with that sweet amos baby.